Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another missed day of work

So here it is a day and a week since my last post and yesterday I awoke with a migraine like someone had driven a railroad spike though my left temple and was piercing my right temple with it. I couldn't see straight it was very difficult to focus on the phone to see the numbers to dial but I knew I had to call out. Apparently I was not the only one out yesterday, there seems to be a nasty head cold going around, and everyone else has it. I have been told that I have to be there tomorrow because I am it. One woman is on vacation and the other who works nights has this damned cold, so I think I am working with the boss or his son tomorrow.

Today I am exhausted and in lots and lots of pain. We bought a new bed this spring and it was wonderful at first but the pillow top has died and I could not get comfortable last night and my back was screaming all night and all day today. I barely did any real work tonight but that means I need to make up for it tomorrow.

I have worked there for a little over a month and have called out 3 or 4 times that is unreliable in my book. I just don't know what to do anymore I need to find some ambition to exercise more so I can be ready to have surgery this winter while the store is closed, so I don't miss all the recuperation time. I just don't have any motivation, or gumption to do anything. Not even to finish this post in one sitting as it is now the 29th and I am just getting back to it.

So I still haven't gotten any real sleep my back is in constant pain. I am working an extra day this week cause one of the women is on vacation and another is out with the hand, foot and mouth virus.
However, I still had my Sunday off yesterday to spend watching football. I am leading in my own little bragging-rights pool and I just found that I am ranked 1st out of 217 in the WVII channel 7 Bangor area pool, 1,317 out of 122,987 nationally, which I think is AWESOME.

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