Monday, August 17, 2009

hello again

Just as the roads here in Maine are either; a.) being re-surfaced as shown in the AP photo at left of the I-295 Northbound project in Richmond or b.) being ignored even though they need serious work as the photo by Harlan Baker at right of the intersection of Congress and Mountfort Streets in Portland. It is time for me to resurface in this blog. I will do my best to stay on top of this and try not to be quite so whiny as before. Many folks have been asking me lately why I don't blog and are shocked to find that I in fact have TWO blogs this and the more risque. All of the folks that have been asking are readers of my sweetie's over at Weldable Cookies where both are linked in her blog roll but they either didn't realize they were mine or they didn't read because there are never any new updates so here is to you all!

As far as my life and health go I am still unemployed although my back and headaches are mostly in check thus further leads me to believe that a.) I am indeed disabled because work exacerbates these issues or b.) I need to find a sugar-momma to make myself and my sweetie kept women. Direct deposits into my PayPal account are warmly welcomed LOL!!!

The sun has returned to Maine we had like 8 weeks of rain, it is now mid August and too hot, hazy and humid to do anything. So it does present the perfect opportunity for me to resurface here in the blogosphere, I'm baaaack!