Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, they came, they saw, we conquered! The Maine Gay Net Face to Face Weekend on MDI was this past weekend. Organized, coordinated and hosted by my wonderful Dawn and I, and it was a fabulous success! There wasn't quite the turnout that we had hoped for but still. Nearly 30 GLBTA folks descended on our tiny village for the opening ceremonies Friday night many of them, to meet for the very first time . Everyone seemed to really like each other and the evening went very smoothly. Then Saturday we gathered again for a cookout and more folks joined us I would say increasing our numbers to 40ish. We helped to fill the Otter Creek Hall that night for Miller and Wilson's Theater of Marvels. If you ever get a chance to see this show DO IT! It is great fun. Sunday there were 11 of us for breakfast at one of MDI's best eateries Cafe This Way. Where we enjoyed great food and company then said our goodbyes.

Dawn and I are still in recovery mode this morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast of Pannu Kakku she an older blog post of hers for an explanation here. Treating more like a Sunday morning we'll see what happens.

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toklas23 said...

congrats on The Big Gaynet Weekend. sorry i missed it, but next year i'm definitely crashing the party.