Friday, December 12, 2008

Wishing me luck

I missed another day of work on Wednesday(migraine) and my boss was less than impressed. I was nervous going in on Thursday because I was pretty sure I would be canned. I wasn't thank-goodness but I do get laid-off a week from today we all do as the store closes every year for a period of time around xmas. This time it is for SIX weeks. D is wondering if he is holding on to me until then but won't call me back in. Me too, that is a real possibility and I would not blame him at all.

My back is non-stop pain an unrelenting crushing weight in the middle of my lower back. I can't handle working on my feet anymore. Bending, twisting and lifting are all chores that I have to stop and think about before doing.

I have thus decided to start the tedious task of applying for disability. Keep me in your thoughts and send good energies my way that it doesn't take forever.

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