Sunday, November 30, 2008

sinners and saints

So this past month my wonderful girlfriend D. over at Weldable Cookies has been doing this NaBloPoMo thing of posting everyday for 30 days. She being her wonderfully brilliant self picked the wonderful topic of the 7 deadly sins and the 7 virtues. Well of course in reading all of these posts she has started me to thinking. I know I know this is not usually a good thing, but when she writes that happens to people.

Well anyways I have been contemplating my level of sin (which I really don't believe in as I consider myself a non-practicing Wiccan) where do I fit into all of these categories and what does it all mean? Well here is my results from a quiz I took;

Sloth:Very High
Pride:Very Low

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Very interesting that the one my beloved paid the least attention to is where I rank highest... I know I am pretty lazy sometimes and pray that at some point in this lifetime I will catch a damned break, and stop living as a member of the working poor. I know these things are a large part of my being, but a SLOTH?!

I was also surprised that my wrath was not down there with my pride, for while it is true that I have very low self-worth I don't feel like my anger is an issue. I am not a vengeful person, hell I am nearly opposed to the death penalty. I do often wonder why we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? In that light Gandhi said it best with "An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind."

In D's postings she counted out the days and figured out how to save every one's favorite and the most fun of the sins for today the last post of the 30 days. So today being the 30th of November and all the sin was...that's right LUST and guess what...nothing... she suffered a major case of writer's block. She was all set to make it a really fun and exciting post and it fizzled.

I (at least according to the above ranking) am more envious then lustful. Say WHAT?!??!!! I consider myself to be a very sexual being, how could I possibly rank so low? Could it be because I am not the sly cat I was when D. and I got together nearly six years ago. Has she domesticated this old tom? I was a self-labeled, (and proud) U-Haul lesbian! Now I have medium lust levels?

Goddess please keep us from becoming a Pepper Schwartz statistic, PLEASE!

I don't think it is a real risk but I am just preempting a warning sign.

Well it is after 1am I guess I had better put my slothing butt to bed so I can work tomorrow.

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Dawn on MDI said...

Oh sweetie, I hope we don't become a Pepper Schwartz statistic, too. Let's make a date this weekend and get away. I've got an idea in mind...