Monday, November 3, 2008

Have you voted yet??

So today I am wearing my Obama/Biden '08 pin and my Electoral College t-shirt (from the Capital Steps) and was asked about 50 times if I had voted yet. I have indeed as I plan to be working for my favorite local candidate all day and may not get anywhere near my polling place. This year is the first year that Maine has participated in early voting without reason. We had absentee voting before but had to have a dammed good reason for not showing up on the assigned day.

The last guy to ask me this evening if I had voted yet said he couldn't find anyone who had not voted already. In working for the above mentioned candidate on Saturday we had the list of folks who had already voted in this district. The list for Bar Harbor alone was nearly 2 inches thick!! Now keep in mind we are a seasonal community there aren't but maybe 5000 year-round residents, 2 inches of names is A LOT of the community. I told the guy that I hope the poor poll workers remember to bring their cribbage boards 'cause it's gonna be a long boring day.

Within 24 hours we will have a good idea if the predictions are right. Within 36 hours it should be wrapped up. Then less than 77 1/2 days 'til then end of this error in American history.

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