Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy, happy happy, joy, joy, joy!!!

Went to the in-laws in Massachusetts for the weekend. This is not as bad as some may think I get along well with the woman and she is my sweetie's aunt so that makes it a little easier I think. But it was a weekend in a double bed versus our queen that is too soft for my aching back. However the worst part is without my little Quinn snuggled in at feet she has to stay with a sitter for now when we go down there due to her uncanny ability to leap over or climb baby gates and accident on the cherished silk rug from Morocco on the last visit. I missed her so much she is such a little snuggle bug.

Quinn loves her sitter and her sitter adores her, she is of course a perfect angel for her no accidents, no garbage can adventures, no eating stuff she's not supposed to so she yurks on the carpet, no getting in and out of bed at night, none of the stuff that she does that make the aunt-in-law nervous. She even goes to work with the sitter which is where we picked her up last night.

We arrived and she was lying there in her bed good as gold but when she saw us she turned into an animated water worm (those toys that you can't keep a hold of). She was bouncing and twisting and panting and licking all at once. Just as happy to see her Mommies as her mommies were to see her. She is sooo cute and so completely your baby dog.

So we are all at home having slept in our own bed everything was great until 4am when the cat decided to climb my face en route to the headboard so he could look out the window and scratched across my nose and under my right eye I am a damned pretty sight.

Now it is time for us to go back to work and neither one of us is ready for it we are both exhausted the dog doesn't want to let us out of her sight. We all need a day of vacation recovery I could have and I guess should have taken another day but you know about coulda, shouldas, so I must get ready now and head off aching eye and tired body, but at least I am home and will come home tonight to my house, my family, and my bed.

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