Friday, August 1, 2008

Weather woes

Well phooey! It looks as though it is going to clear after all and my sweetheart is going to make us go to work. Rats, I was just looking at the dog curled up in her bed and the cat snoozing at Dawn's feet and I was thinking that it would be a wonderful day to use one of those free movie on demand coupons we got from Time Warner. Curled up together under an afghan with a bowl of popcorn and just hide from the wet and damp.

I still am lacking any type of motivation and the wonderful homemade corned beef hash that she made me for
breakfast is now a solid lump in my stomach. I may just go hide under the bed for the day anyways. Today is Friday but somehow feels to me like a Monday and I don't like it. Maybe I'll just go to bed with a book I have been meaning to read the sequel to my favorite childrens book of last year. That may be just the thing to lighten my mood. For any of you who enjoy a good childrens book I HIGHLY recommend checking this one out it was great. I may just re-read the first one to refresh my memory, then read the second. Have a dry and good day.

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