Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today I asked for monetary donations on Facebook. There were a bunch of motivating factors, one we both need new thermostats for our vehicles. While it was in the 60°s today and is in fact still 54° at nearly midnight it is November in Maine and it is going to get cold sooner rather than later.

Dawn's isn't that big of a deal as she drives a big old Ford F150 and can probably do it herself in the driveway and it is a $20 part. My thermostat is only about $15 dollars but it is in a very tricky place that our mechanic says will take at LEAST an hour to do. I also would like to fill the oil tank, so we don't have to think about it for a little while. I got notification that Unemployment overpaid me and now I owe them $262 dollars. Last but not least I want to move. I feel that we are sort of marooning ourselves living on this island. Like today I asked Dawn was it that we wanted to sleep in this morning that we didn't go to church or was it that we didn't want to drive 30+ miles one way? I feel that is our excuse most of the time everything is too far away.

It is also time fro me to try to look for work again. No I am not any better physically, emotionally I am a little better but we can't afford for me not to try. And I have to go off island to find work so it is time to give up our little cottage.

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Jen said...

Really thinking of leaving the island? :( I wish I could just GIVE you a job, but seeing as how *I* don't have one, can't help much. :(

I have a little goodie for you at my place tomorrow morning. No, not now, Monday. ;)