Friday, November 6, 2009

uh oh

Almost forgot to post today not sure if I am gonna make it for this whole month thing. I am determined to try which means if we travel at all this month Dawn needs to share her laptop so I can post on the days I don't have access to my desktop.

In other news talked to mom yesterday she is still in the hospital but sounds much better and says she feels much better. Apparently there was some issue that happened and she ended up with a sore back (not really sure what happened) but between that and the fact that she had a 36 pound growth hanging from her abdomen past her knees she has basically been immobile for a fairly long time they want to put her into a rehab center. I am hoping that they can put her in one somewhere around her so that the family can go see her.

I am a stiff and sore woman tonight Dawn and I spent about 8 hours cleaning out a basement. We did about 4 hour shifts for the past two days but it was nearly too much for me. We shall see how I am feeling when I wake up as that is usually the worst time for me.

And now for another video;

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