Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday wishes

So remember on the meme thing where I got tagged I said that all I want for the holidays is a Wii Fit?? Well I wrote to Santa and sent her a link to a pre-black Friday sale and used all of the best reasoning and of the hot words I could come up with. Well today I opened my email and there in my inbox was a return letter from Santa and we are getting a Wii for the holidays.

Not just the Wii but we are getting;
the Nintendo Wii console with Wii Sports, Wii Balance Board with Wii Fit Plus, and $25 eGift Card - Value Bundle! We will use the gift card towards the balance of a second Wiimote and nunchuk as the console only comes with one of each.

The most amazing thing about this?? That Ms. Grumpypants (aka Dawn) wants it too! We have never owned a video game console in the nearly 8 years we have been together she has hated them. But she has played golf on the Wii of some friends and I think that is what sold her. Plus all of our friends who have the Fit swear that they feel better and are having fun getting in shape and loosing weight with it. I know that after just a couple of hours of playing the sports my arms hurt for a couple of days after, so I do believe that this will be a life changing gift.

Here is to a New Years Resolution we MIGHT be able to keep. Happier, Healthier more active us.

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