Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It ain't over

It is now noon the day after one of the most important election days of my young life. We had the highest voter turn out of an off year election ever! 60% of registered voters voted. And I am somber and mournful that in the year 2009 the rights of the minority are still being undone by the votes of the majority. Right now with 96% of precincts reporting it is 297096(52.77%) want to reject the law that allows same-sex couples to marry and 265940(47.23%) want to keep the law. That is a difference of 31156 votes or 5.54% of the folks that voted have decided that this maybe one of these would be an appropriate license plate for me now;
So what do you all think?? Which shall I go with? UNEQUAL, LESS HUMAN, or 2ND CLASS? I think they all make wonderful statements, however they are just temporary classifications as love wins in the end, love didn't win this time so it is not the end we will continue to fight and we will be legally married here in Maine.

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