Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mom update

First I would like to thank both of you that now read my blog for the kind thoughts and well wishes, for her recovery and my sanity. She called last night and was up and walking during the day. Sitting in a chair and eating normally. The doctor who preformed her hysterectomy told heron the Friday that she saw her in the ICU she didn't have much hope of her making it. She then said that she was very proud of her and called her a trooper.

Mom asked if she was going to be able to leave at some point and the Dr. asked her well when do you think you will be ready to go home? Mom answered let's shoot for the end of the week see how things are at that point and then decide.

So she could be back at home by this weekend. She need to have a ramp built on their trailer and the home health care needs to be approved but the hospital social workers see no issue with that. So we will see.

Now the question becomes what do I do now? See I have been trying to distance myself from her for a few years now. I don't need the stress in my life that she inflicts with her emotional abuse. Hello she has never in my lifetime weighed less then 320 pounds, (though some of it is not her fault a diet of Mtn. Dew and Ring Dings don't help) she is always commenting not just on my size but plain out talks about how FAT I am! No I am not small, I NEVER have been there are NO small women in our gene-pool. But jeez the way the pot calls the kettle is absolutely asinine. She may have FINALLY come to terms that my being a big old dyke is NOT a phase after just 17 years! However she hates Dawn nearly as much as Dawn hates her. Her newly ex-husband and I can't stand each other, but he isn't going anywhere they did it for the money(don't ask, that is another post entirely).

So what do I do, now that she has had her brush with death and all of us were there she is going to want us all back in her life all of the time, and I am afraid.

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Anonymous said...

You don't HAVE to do what she wants.